Wednesday, September 22, 2010

That's right, I made cheesecake

Doesn't it look amazing??  I loved the recipe, even though it took three bricks of cream cheese (holy calories when a person eats most of it herself).  It was tasty and I would highly recommend it.
Try it yourself, following this recipe.  The degrees are in Celsius, don't let it throw you off!

I made it to celebrate two months of marital bliss between my dear husband and I.  And also for friends who were visiting.  I bought my first spring form pan for the occasion, as well.  It's amazing, and you should get one too.

My dear visiting friend gave us these lovely monogrammed mugs.  Here, we ran out of bowls and used them for ice cream.  Please don't judge me based on how many desserts I eat ;)  They came from my favorite store to look at, Anthropologie.  Apparently their kitchen things are reasonably priced---Woohoo!

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