Monday, December 21, 2015

A Toddler Nativity

I have been looking for a super kid-friendly nativity set that can be played with by my 1 1/2 year old.  I had looked at this wooden one and several stuffed sewn options, but didn't find one that fit into my very limited price range and my aesthetic requirements.

I was wandering through Hobby Lobby (as much wandering as can be done with a toddler kicking me and the cart) and spotted this felt sticker nativity set on sale for about $3.  That fit in the budget!

I also picked up a large piece of brown felt; folded in half and cut, it makes a great stable. 

I wanted to make this somewhat interactive, yet not so much fun that poor baby Jesus will end up under the couch like so many other toys.  So I settled on buttons and ribbon loops so that we can hang each character up in the stable together and then hopefully he'll leave them alone.

I auditioned the placement of each button and added a few extra buttons so that my son can be creative about where he puts each one.  I sewed on buttons to the stable as securely as possible, and then cut ribbons and hot glued a piece to each piece. I just left the back of the sticker in place since we won't be sticking them to anything.

It's true that this would be more fun with some animals or shephards or things, maybe next year.  I packaged each part up (angel, Mary & Joseph, the star & the wise men, Jesus) separately and am having him open each one up on a different day like a mini Advent calendar.  Then I plan on talking a bit or doing a little activity about each one.  He's only a year and a half old, so I think only a few days worth of activities and advent calendar is enough.

I taped it up to the back side of our door with a lot of washi tape.  If that isn't secure enough I'll use our bulletin board and lots of staples. 

So far it's a big hit! 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Very Scandinavian Christmas

I have been working to decorate our house for Christmas a little bit every day this year, while simultaneously preparing for my sister's baby shower and a week at my mom's house.  Busy Busy!

I've always loved Scandinavian decor- so much white and bright and cozy and minimal- and thought I'd see what Scandinavian christmas decor I could find on Pinterest.  Lo and behold, I've already got Scandinavian Christmas decorations all over the place!  Here's what I found:

Natural branch stars:
Theirs: Wabi Sabi

Mine: wrapped in fluffy white yarn

Swagged/Pom pom garland:
Theirs: my Scandinavian Home

Mine: Pom poms and felt circles leftover from last year

Branches in jars:

weihnachtsdeko Scandinavian branches vase salt dough decorations
Theirs: Christmas Ideas with Scandinavian Flair 


Small Christmas Trees:
Mine: Short tree on a box
At any rate, I think I'm done decorating for the year!  Now all that's left is to purge purge purge and paint everything I own white and this will be a true Scandinavian decor blog.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Leftover Cranberries

I know some of you will laugh at me because of how much I've been talking about cranberries lately.  They've been my pregnancy obsession.  I had never even liked cranberries until last year's day-after Thanksgiving, when my Grandma introduced me to the glorious concept of cranberries on top of turkey.  Why had I never tried it before??  SO GOOD.  Try it. 

Well after that, I started having pregnancy cravings for cranberries and even made an entire "Thanksgiving" meal on October because it would all go so well with cranberries.

I use the queen of domesticity, Martha's, recipe.  (Although I'm starting to doubt Martha a bit after receiving an email that promised "10 Laundry Tips to Change My Life".  Really?  Life Changing?  Hmmm).  In an effort to use less sugar in these, I have used 1/2 the sugar and made it with apple juice instead of water and been successful. 
The prettiest color there is!

Now that I have you convinced about how amazing cranberries are (they last practically forever in the fridge, dontchaknow!), I thought I'd tell you the best ways to eat leftovers.  Yes.  Control freak Lindsey is telling you how to eat cranberries.

First, try them on some turkey.  I know I missed Thanksgiving to tell you this, but even a chicken breast would give the same effect.  I think many people are scared to try it but be brave!

The next morning, top your pancakes with it.  Hot pancakes+cold cranberries...mmmm

The NEXT morning, make some oatmeal.  I make steel-cut oats with half apple juice and half water, and then add a big spoonful of cranberries to the top. 

Do you think I've said the word "cranberry" too much yet?  Anyone have any other leftover cranberry ideas to feed my obsession?

P.S. I would have taken more pictures but I heard that Thanksgiving pictures are awful.  Thanksgiving food tastes the best, but stuffing isn't so photogenic.