Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Leftover Cranberries

I know some of you will laugh at me because of how much I've been talking about cranberries lately.  They've been my pregnancy obsession.  I had never even liked cranberries until last year's day-after Thanksgiving, when my Grandma introduced me to the glorious concept of cranberries on top of turkey.  Why had I never tried it before??  SO GOOD.  Try it. 

Well after that, I started having pregnancy cravings for cranberries and even made an entire "Thanksgiving" meal on October because it would all go so well with cranberries.

I use the queen of domesticity, Martha's, recipe.  (Although I'm starting to doubt Martha a bit after receiving an email that promised "10 Laundry Tips to Change My Life".  Really?  Life Changing?  Hmmm).  In an effort to use less sugar in these, I have used 1/2 the sugar and made it with apple juice instead of water and been successful. 
The prettiest color there is!

Now that I have you convinced about how amazing cranberries are (they last practically forever in the fridge, dontchaknow!), I thought I'd tell you the best ways to eat leftovers.  Yes.  Control freak Lindsey is telling you how to eat cranberries.

First, try them on some turkey.  I know I missed Thanksgiving to tell you this, but even a chicken breast would give the same effect.  I think many people are scared to try it but be brave!

The next morning, top your pancakes with it.  Hot pancakes+cold cranberries...mmmm

The NEXT morning, make some oatmeal.  I make steel-cut oats with half apple juice and half water, and then add a big spoonful of cranberries to the top. 

Do you think I've said the word "cranberry" too much yet?  Anyone have any other leftover cranberry ideas to feed my obsession?

P.S. I would have taken more pictures but I heard that Thanksgiving pictures are awful.  Thanksgiving food tastes the best, but stuffing isn't so photogenic.

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