Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Getting ready for the holidays

What have I been up to you ask?  Well aside from my intense search for a doable, light and fluffy bread recipe for my first official "you are an adult now and need to bring something" Thanksgiving, I've been thinking about Christmas.  Although it may seem early, I've been working on ornaments to hang on our tree.  I gratefully received a batch of antique ornaments from a friend as a wedding gift, but I think we need more.  I purchased a pack, but want to be as thrifty as possible with our tree, so decided to make some ornaments with supplies I had on hand.

German stars I made from some brown paper that was packaging from Ikea items.  Free=oh yah!
 Felt snowflake, bird, stocking.  The felt was leftover from the felt food I made.  Free = oh yah!
A few stuffed birds I made with fabric my lovely sister gave me for my birthday.  I love these and plan on making some more.  Free = oh yah!

I'd say I did pretty well with the thrifty ornaments this year.  I think it will be cute to have some of these forever and remember our first Christmas together... (sappy sentimental moment)  Have you made any of your Christmas decorations?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What to do with all the whipped cream?

Using that new pie plate was a highlight of the week for me.  Keeping with the "everything fallholidaythanksgiving/christmas" spirit that's visible the second you set foot into a mall, I made a pumpkin pie.  Let me tell you it was delicious.

So delicious, in fact, that we took it over to my in-law's house so that I didn't eat any more.  I even made my own whipped cream!  Horay!  oh wait... now we have a giant batch of leftover whipped cream since most people prefer a dollop instead of a bowl full.  Thus, I discovered another tasty treat:  whipped cream mixed with instant chocolate pudding!!!  I feel like everyone and their grandma already have discovered this little treat, but until now, I had been ignorant of the delightful dessert.  I think I'll have to go out and get some teddy grahams to dip in there.  Yup.  I'm an adult.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Oh how I love antique malls...

 I went, I went!  In search of a pie plate (after discovering that we don't own one anymore!  mystery pie plate thief??), I made my way through floor after floor, booth after booth of delightful antique goods.  Here are two of my favorites:  a set of flour/sugar/tea cannisters and this amazing folk art folding chair.

I also took a picture of a lovely antique quilt, with the back of a little boy that made it look like he was peeing.  My camera appears to have eaten that picture, though, or else you can bet you would have seen it already. 

Here's my new pie plate!  Horay!  I love the wood grain pattern on the edges, plus it's nice and deep so that lots of goodies can fit inside.
Next time I go, I'm going to remember to get some cash first so that I don't have to pay in quarters like I did for this adventure.  Maybe I can get something that costs more than $7, too.  *gasp!*

Monday, November 8, 2010


Well it's finally happened:  I've opened my etsy shop!!!  It's called todaystore, and I am very excited to get some of these lovely crafts I've been working on into the hands of others.  I've only got a few items listed so far, but that will soon change!  Check out my shop by clicking on this link.  I also made a Christmas stocking for a friend, and she requested that I post a few pictures to show a friend.  Therefore:
The beige color is 100% wool, slightly felted and then the little pawprint embroidered on it lovingly by me.  I think it turned out wonderfully.  Why not let the newest member of your family have a stocking of his or her own?

Farmers Market

We went to the Farmers Market in Madison, FINALLY!!!  This was the last week so there were some great deals and the produce was pretty cheap.  Horay!  Even though it was so cold we both really enjoyed it, and came home with (a ton of) broccoli, a couple of garlic cloves, and some yummy potatoes.  And a belly full of Chipotle. Great day!