Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Getting ready for the holidays

What have I been up to you ask?  Well aside from my intense search for a doable, light and fluffy bread recipe for my first official "you are an adult now and need to bring something" Thanksgiving, I've been thinking about Christmas.  Although it may seem early, I've been working on ornaments to hang on our tree.  I gratefully received a batch of antique ornaments from a friend as a wedding gift, but I think we need more.  I purchased a pack, but want to be as thrifty as possible with our tree, so decided to make some ornaments with supplies I had on hand.

German stars I made from some brown paper that was packaging from Ikea items.  Free=oh yah!
 Felt snowflake, bird, stocking.  The felt was leftover from the felt food I made.  Free = oh yah!
A few stuffed birds I made with fabric my lovely sister gave me for my birthday.  I love these and plan on making some more.  Free = oh yah!

I'd say I did pretty well with the thrifty ornaments this year.  I think it will be cute to have some of these forever and remember our first Christmas together... (sappy sentimental moment)  Have you made any of your Christmas decorations?

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