Friday, November 12, 2010

Oh how I love antique malls...

 I went, I went!  In search of a pie plate (after discovering that we don't own one anymore!  mystery pie plate thief??), I made my way through floor after floor, booth after booth of delightful antique goods.  Here are two of my favorites:  a set of flour/sugar/tea cannisters and this amazing folk art folding chair.

I also took a picture of a lovely antique quilt, with the back of a little boy that made it look like he was peeing.  My camera appears to have eaten that picture, though, or else you can bet you would have seen it already. 

Here's my new pie plate!  Horay!  I love the wood grain pattern on the edges, plus it's nice and deep so that lots of goodies can fit inside.
Next time I go, I'm going to remember to get some cash first so that I don't have to pay in quarters like I did for this adventure.  Maybe I can get something that costs more than $7, too.  *gasp!*

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