Friday, November 13, 2015

Bathtime Genius

Do you ever have a brilliant idea and think yourself a true genius--only to google your idea and discover that it's been done before?  Almost as bad as googling your future child's potential name only to discover a woman who murdered her family was named the same thing.  Disappointing.

Anyhoo, here's my brilliant, genius, breathtaking idea that's all over the internet already.

Hanging Bath Toy Storage

We have a little boy who LOVES the bathtub.  We have quite a few bathtub toys that I try to rotate through to keep things interesting, but there seems to be so many all the time.  We didn't have a good storage system for them (plastic bags that I feared would mold or the shower floor were the big ones) because I was living in denial that it was a problem. I also refuse to spend $15 on a scoop that suctions to the wall of the tub because 1. my grandma would say that's a ridiculous product to own and 2. I like to keep as much room in the shower as possible, so I wanted a more flat option.

"AHA!" I said to myself, "I'll make a hanging toy bag out of a lingerie bag!"  A lingerie bag would solve all the dilemmas, it'll hang flat against the wall of the shower, it has holes and will drain properly to avoid mold, and it's meant to be washed so that it'll hold up over time in the shower.  Plus they were $1.50 at Target.  This is the one I got:

It didn't have a hook to hang (many other brands do, if you look around) so I took a small piece of ribbon and sewed it into a loop at the top.  I still need to pick up a suction cup hook, but in the meantime it's hanging from Dillon's shaving mirror in the tub and works perfectly. 

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