Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Very Spooky Halloween Costume

My absence was due to a nauseating first trimester and a lack of projects to share with the world; I'm back and have done some fun crafty things.  And that's all I'm saying about that!

My son will hate me when he's fourteen and realizes that I dressed him up as a cloud for his 2nd Halloween.  Too bad, kiddo.  I make the costume, I make the rules. 

I followed this tutorial to make a cloud for him to wear on top.  The only difference was that I didn't stuff it with poly-fill, as my stash disappeared.  Instead, I cut three layers, two of white fabric and one of basic cheap batting.  I sewed the perimeter (two pieces of fabric, right sides facing, and the piece of batting on top).  I'm sure it's not technically correct to sew right on top of batting but my machine handled it without any issues at all.  I turned it right side out and hand stitched it closed, then added the inner line of stitching for the snazzy 3-D effect. 

I also didn't follow the tutorial for the raindrop pants, mostly because I didn't want a pair of raindrop painted pants hanging around after Halloween.  Instead, I consulted my fabric stash for several shades of blue/white and cut out a basic teardrop shape.  I tacked them on to a pair of blue sweatpants that we already owned, figuring out that after this costume is over I'll just snip each stitch off and he'll still be able to wear the pants.  I didn't even switch thread colors, I just tried to make a tidy X stitch.  It was somewhat time consuming.  Another option would be to use removable iron-on interfacing to attach them.  Or fabric paint.  Whatever.

The best part is that my kid LOVED wearing this.  He would grab onto the cloud (making it somewhat difficult to tell what he was dressed as) and run through the house with a huge smile on his face.  Who am I to deny my son the delight of dressing as an inanimate object for Halloween? 

The second best part is that this whole costume was F.R.E.E. Pants he wears (and will be able to again), the white fabric was from a sheet set handed down from my Gramma, batting and raindrop fabric from my stash.  And this, Dillon, is why I never throw anything out. 

Literally the best photo I could get because there was so much excitable running to do instead.

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