Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Very Scandinavian Christmas

I have been working to decorate our house for Christmas a little bit every day this year, while simultaneously preparing for my sister's baby shower and a week at my mom's house.  Busy Busy!

I've always loved Scandinavian decor- so much white and bright and cozy and minimal- and thought I'd see what Scandinavian christmas decor I could find on Pinterest.  Lo and behold, I've already got Scandinavian Christmas decorations all over the place!  Here's what I found:

Natural branch stars:
Theirs: Wabi Sabi

Mine: wrapped in fluffy white yarn

Swagged/Pom pom garland:
Theirs: my Scandinavian Home

Mine: Pom poms and felt circles leftover from last year

Branches in jars:

weihnachtsdeko Scandinavian branches vase salt dough decorations
Theirs: Christmas Ideas with Scandinavian Flair 


Small Christmas Trees:
Mine: Short tree on a box
At any rate, I think I'm done decorating for the year!  Now all that's left is to purge purge purge and paint everything I own white and this will be a true Scandinavian decor blog.

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