Monday, September 13, 2010

New Table

Well my requests for opinions on the skirt appeared unfruitful, so I wore it anyway.  Here's me with the lovely bride.  I added a last minute lining and couple of rosettes from some leftover fabric.  I like it and I don't care if I look like a cheerleader.  ;)

My dear husband and I took a trip out to a flea market today, and came away with this lovely table.  We're going to attempt to sturdy it up a bit (too wobbly) and put our newly ordered television (HD ready, since apparently we missed the HDTV conversion by a year and there are no more rebates for the converter boxes...sigh).  Also on there is a new discovery of mine:  almond M&Ms.  Who knew???  You probably can't see them because I ate all but 10 before taking this picture.  Sooooo yummy.

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