Friday, September 3, 2010

The craft I was supposed to post yesterday...

Well I didn't post (obviously) last night.  I was entirely distracted by a game of Lego Star Wars on the Xbox.  Yup.

But I did make a craft that was blog worthy. 

Sashiko is an embroidery technique that I thought I would try my hand at.  It turned out pretty well.  You can buy a bunch of samplers, like mine, at this website.  I have big plans for this little guy, and have the feeling it will turn into a present for a very special someone in my life.  You are supposed to use sashiko thread and needle and thimble, but I just wanted to try it out without the financial commitment, so it's just embroidery thread, a quilting needle, and a piece of scrap linen.  It's certainly not perfect, but I love it.  Like a lot of other things in life.

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