Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I made myself a birthday present

It's a gathered clutch, based off of this tutorial (of course, I love my tutorials!).  It was missing a few steps, but I figured it all out pretty well, I think.  I love the final product, and am very happy to have had an excuse to guilt-lessly purchase some $7.99/yard fabric.  It IS my birthday present, after all ;)

Over the course of this project, I used my first fusible interfacing (not very scary at all), and made my first project with a zipper (super intimidating, but it went well).  That means that I got to whip out my zipper foot for my sewing machine, and it means that I broke my first needle before I knew what I was doing.  I also got to replace my first needle.  All experiences that were going to happen eventually. 

 (If you look closely, you can see the pointy part of the needle still threaded.  Oh those zippers and their trickiness)
I love my new clutch, it has enough room for a camera and cell phone, money, and a couple of pockets for cards (ID and credit card).  Perfect for when we go to see the play Wicked this weekend for my big day.  I read the book years ago, and have wanted to see the play ever since.  My darling husband is fulfilling a dream with this birthday, and I am a happy lady.

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