Sunday, August 24, 2014

Wrapping things up

We attended a wedding a month or so ago, and I thought I'd share the gift we gave the bride & groom.

We gave the lovely couple this book, One Pan, Two Plates.  Which (as I flipped though it) looked like a great cookbook of "normal" foods.  I hate recipes where you have to go on a multi-store hunt for some ludicrous ingredient that will sit on your pantry shelf for the next two years because you ended up not liking the recipe anyway.  But this was not that book.  Normal recipes for normal people, with just enough different stuff to make your meals feel fancy sometimes.  Because we can't all be chefs.

By the way, I took a picture of a set of 3 cookbooks because this is what I want our house to look like.  At the moment, it's all beige all the time.  But I'd love to incorporate a lot more colorful accessories (and hopefully someday white walls) as we get new stuff.

So this book: 

I wrapped it up with plain paper (I got a roll of craft paper from Ikea over 5 years ago and it's still going strong!) and added a little paper flowerage.  I couldn't decide if this was blog-worthy, but I thought it turned out really cute so... why not?

Three sizes, fold the petals up on all three

If only the blog came with 3D glasses!
I cut out three sizes of basic flower shapes from some shiny paper.  Then, I folded the "petals" up a little bit for some 3D action.  I layered the three sizes using tape, and then stuck the whole shebang on the gift. After I made a few more "flowers", it was good to go!

Hope the bride and groom liked it!

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  1. We love both the book and the creative wrapping! Thanks, Lindsey!