Monday, August 18, 2014

In Focus

I had the sudden realization the other day that this blog is a little undefined.  So this post isn't about cameras (of which I have none, just my phone), I thought I'd just spell out a little focus for this blog so that my legions of faithful leaders know what to expect.

So here we go, a blog mission statement.

I would like to use this blog to post about my life.  Sometimes I craft things (not so much recently.  But I did make a baby). Sometimes I do things with my family.  Sometimes I want to write my thoughts on this or that.  This is my blog, so I don't want to be afraid to post about whatever I darn well please.

I think I might try to post more frequently, a couple times a week.  Since I'm opening up the topics to be sort of random day-to-day things I should have more material to work with besides the non-existant crafting.

I hope you, my lovely readers, will appreciate that I just want a space to do my thing, to chronicle my adventures, especially now that I have a son to keep track of.  I hope this will be a fun place to remember the things we did together as a new family of three.

And if anyone wants to send me free shtuff, I'm on board!!!  Hey, it's what all the cool bloggers do.

So thanks for reading.  I really do appreciate it. The only thing I ask of you all is to know that when I ask a question at the end of my posts, I really do want to know your answers!!!  So comment!  It's much easier to post knowing that someone is out there reading.  And I know you're out there.  Observing.  Lurking.  Not talking.  Like the weird cousin in the corner at the family reunion.  Don't be a weird cousin.

Cute baby pic. He is thrilled.

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