Friday, August 22, 2014


Two things:

1. I'm afraid of a cat named Boba.  I avoid that cat like nobody's business.  You should see me hug the walls to avoid walking past him.  *shudder*

2. We got a new baby carrier.  We generously received a Moby wrap as a gift from a friend while we were pregnant, and we used that for awhile.  Unfortunately, I never really perfected the wrapping (there always seemed to be a lot of extra behind the baby's head and he never felt super secure in it so I had to keep my hand behind him the whole time), plus it was difficult to put on when we were out and about without the "tails" dragging on the ground.  Also, by the time I got it on, the baby was generally crabby and he liked to try and stand in it when I was putting him in.  So it worked occasionally but was never a reliable way to carry him and we didn't use it as much as we could have.

Moral of that long story: we were in the market for a new carrier, and I've heard great things about the ergo.  Namely, that it holds the baby correctly for their hip shape and that it's comfortable.  It's also expensive.  So I was looking for a used one on Craigslist or garage sales but they still ran around $75 for a used one.

We were lucky and hit up Nicki's Diapers for a few new diapers and I saw that Boba carriers 3G were on clearance because they came out with a 4G model.  So instead of $120+ for an ergo, we got a different soft-structured carrier for $90.  But instead of paying $90, we ended up returning some of the All-in-one diapers we had since they gapped around baby's thin legs.  We got a handful of best bottom diapers (which we are IN LOVE with), an amber teething necklace, and an ergo and only ended up paying about $15 for it!  HORAY!

Modeling is his future career.  And he is in love with that potato chip bag.  And I'm not afraid to say that I have let him play with it for the past few days.
So how do we like it?  It's incredible.  He likes being in it, it's a million times easier to get him in the thing since you put it on around him instead of trying to get him in it after putting it on.  And I never realized how much more secure he could feel in it compared to the loosey-goosey moby.  It can truly be used hands-free and I can even bend down instead of doing the deep squats like with the moby (the only form of exercise we did, yah I should really get on that).   PLUS it came in adorable colors and (sort of girly) patterns, but we stuck with gray since the clearanced colors were limited.

My only complaints are that it's a bit of a to-do when you want to adjust it between users (me and Dillon), it's a bit less comfy than the stretchy moby, and that the instruction booklet gave very little information about how to snap things together or adjust things (I didn't know the strap in the back by the shoulderblades could slide up and down until I googled "why can't I reach this buckle").

So the moby was great, it was good for a little baby and felt nice and squishy instead of lots of buckles and straps.  But we've moved on and it feels great.  Much better than that *other Boba* which I have nightmares about.

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