Monday, August 11, 2014

Camping 2014

Update: this post is sponsored by my son, who sat contentedly in his jumper and on the floor while I wrote this.  Huzzah for independence!!!

Dillon and I were extremely brave (in my opinion) because we went camping last weekend. With a three month old baby.  I had been extremely nervous about the 4+hour drive with the bambino but he did very well.  My favorite thing about camping is that there has always been a family rule that no clocks are allowed while camping.  It's very freeing. You should try it.

We arrived after dinner, and are super incredibly hugely thankful that we camped with (my big) family so we had a camper all to ourselves and didn't really have to bring much else.  Our family is ahhhhhmazing.
The family, minus Mom & Tim who cooked!

This was one of the most high-tech camping trips I've ever taken; let's just say there were several campers, a boat, a jet ski, fishing, super bright gas lanterns, and a couple of tv installs (no watching though! ).

I enjoyed being able to have my mom or sister watch the kiddo while Dillon and I went on the jet ski. Dillon loved loved loved being able to go fishing, even though he was attacked by horseflies.
Beach hat

Speaking (writing? ) of which, my biggest concerns for the baby were being cold, getting sunburned, or getting mosquito bites. So we used a variety of techniques.  For the sun: a hat, babyganics sunscreen (clearance at Target, oh yah!) and shade.  Pretty simple.  For the cold: this adorable hat I made a few years ago and thought was pretty weird then but is much awesome on him now.
Our arsenal
For the mosquitoes:  Ah the mosquitoes.  We used the combinations of an OFF fan, OFF spray on whoever was carrying him, lavendar oil on his exposed tootsies (that's feet, only on babies), sitting inside the mesh-sided canopy thing (thanks, mom!), and this bug spray that says it's all natural.  Did it work??? Well thanks for asking, YES it did!  He got zero bites that I could find.  Much better than his daddy fared.
Sorry I put it on the internet, honey!

All in all, it was a fun weekend.  A ton of work, but fun and really nice to have the whole family able to come. Now we just have to unpack.  And wash the campfire smell out of our clothes.
Baby's first selfie.  I don't think he quite gets the idea

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  1. This is fantastic! Love seeing your adventures with the babe.