Friday, August 1, 2014

Morning Iced Coffee

Good Morning!  Here's a quick post about coffee. 

Here's the thing: I was hooked on coffee, I got pregnant and quit, and now I have a young man who wakes me up at 4:30  So coffee is back in my life and thank God the baby and my caffeinated breastmilk are playing nice together. 

A baby picture in every post!

We are headed camping (with an infant---ah!) this weekend and one of my big concerns was how fast my coffee could get to my lips. Since building a fire or turning on a grill for hot water to make instant coffee sounds awful, and we haven't got the budget for a french press to make real coffee, I remembered my favorite thing for summer: iced coffee.  Coffee that reminds me of a little something that rhymes with farducks wackachino.  Lets not talk about how long it took me to come up with that.  Now, hot coffee would be nice on a chilly morning but the caffeine part is the most important.

Here we go:

1. make coffee
2. pour into mason jar (or other shakable lidded portable device)
3. add a decent spoonful of sweetened condensed milk
4. keep in the cooler until 4:30am, then shake and enjoy!

This is not a diet food but hey. You do what you have to do. For plarchucks clap-a-wee-no.

Ready for the cooler! And, yes, I reused the lids

Wish us luck camping!

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