Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Knitting Projects

Yup, I have some knitting projects that I've been working on, too.  Since I tend to ramble, I'll make it into a separate post. 

I finished the socks I've been working on FOR-EV-ER.  They started out for me, but when I didn't check my gauge and they started getting really wide they became socks for Dillon.  The scylla socks pattern was found online, and I fell in love.  They turned out a little bit "swamp monster" because of the color (Patons Socks in Camo colors) but they will be okay for warm tall socks.  In my opinion, at least they are done.  I'm sure we've all had projects like that, right???

After I finished these size 12 lovelies, I made the cowl my Mom requested at Christmas.  She asked for gray to match her peacoat.  I found this adorable chunky Patons Tweed yarn in Charcoal (dark gray with little yellow and white flecks) and used The Trio of Cowls aka Infinity Scarves by Cari Clement pattern (found on Ravelry).  Of course, I can't help but modify just about every online tutorial/pattern/direction that I encounter, so I only used the one color of yarn (instead of the written 3) and only used a two strands held together (instead of the three as written).  Additionally, it was only supposed to have one twist, but somehow I managed two.  I would HIGHLY suggest this pattern for anyone just learning to knit.  This would be a great first project worked in the round (as it is easy to see what it means when they say "join, making sure not to twist yarn"), only uses series of knits and purls in easy patterns, and was a quick project to whip up (I made this in 3-4 hours).  So, Mom, consider this yours as soon as we see each other again. 

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