Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Epic Snow Battle!

I had my first day of work on Monday, then I stayed home on Tuesday and Wednesday because of the weather.  I was probably being a bit wimpy for staying home Tuesday, but all I had to do was read a lot of "new employee" literature and I wasn't going to risk my life to go in and read.  This morning, however, we awoke to snow, and lots of it.  We received about 15 inches in the past 2 days, and there were blizzard warnings in the area.  This means there were huge snow drifts that had to be photographed. 

 That's the dusting we received on half of our deck, the 3 feet we received on the other half.

The snow reached to my husband's butt.

And a snow drift at our downstairs neighbor's door that reaches to the window in one area, bare concrete patio right next to it. 

The furnace went out last night, but it only got to 67degrees in our apartment; it's better now, though!  Both my husband and I stayed home today, so our snow day consisted of my reading, his work on the computer, and soup and grilled cheese for lunch.  Wouldn't it be nice if every day was a snow day???

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