Friday, January 14, 2011


Nope, I don't technically know how to sew.  But I do try my darndest, and thus far, most of the projects I've attempted have turned out okay.  So when Dillon got this hole in his pants, I patched it.  Technically, this is the same pair of pants that I already patched near the back pocket, the front left pocket, the zipper, and the knee.  But this was a new hole, so I patched some more!  I'm not sure that this patch is going to stand the test of time, because I didn't stitch the peripheral, or use pinking shears to guarantee that the patch wouldn't fray, or use super strong fabric for the patch (I did a lot of internet research about the best methods, then I ignored them and did it my way).  Anyway, here's the final product, and I'm proud.

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