Friday, December 17, 2010

It's beginning to look...

Oh hello, Bing.  

 Meet Sufjan.
 What a great way to spend some time wrapping gifts:  listening to Bing or Sufjan's Christmas album.  I found the vinyl this summer at the salvation army, and hadn't even opened it until today. Honestly, I forgot about it a little bit.  Well I plugged him in today and think that this is the best shape I've ever found a vinyl album at a secondhand store.  It sounds great-- no scratches, no skipping.  Terrific. 
Doesn't it look festive with these gifts?  You all may think this is boring with the white paper, but I only use paper that I already have or have saved from Christmases past.  Also, I love how similar they all look.  And I hate using boxes; I much prefer to make squashy packages tied with string to make them look even squashier.  Only a few more gifts to finish and wrap!  Are you finished?

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