Monday, December 6, 2010

It's beginning to look...

The Story of Our First Christmas Tree (in pictures...and some words, too)

It was a snowy Friday night and Saturday morning.  Despite the inches of white stuff, we were (I was) set on picking up our Christmas tree on Saturday.  Off to the tree farm we went...
 Where we found this little beauty.  We took the easy road and got a pre-cut tree.  Neener neener to all of you who were laying down in the snow with your saws.
 The tree farm guys took care of our free shaking, and we loaded her into our Buick.  We both wish we had a truck sometimes...
 And then brought her into our house.  Naturally this is Dillon trimming off some branches in our kitchen. 
 Next up, Dillon ate some pistachios among the mess.
 And we decorated.  This is my favorite antique ornament because of the mushroom.  What could be less Christmas-themed for an ornament?
You will see the final product someday.  Not yet though.  First I need to make a tree skirt to cover up the shower curtain we have underneath our tree.  It certainly makes it feel more Christmas-y in here.  That, and the constant Sufjan Steven's Christmas album that has been playing nonstop. 

Have you gotten your tree yet?

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