Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Happenings around here

I've realized that I need to make things.  I'm not the most terribly creative person---most of the things I make have been seen on pinterest or are less fussy versions of Martha Stewart crafts;  but when I haven't made in awhile, I get grumpy.  Then I have an idea and spend a few hours working fast and furious on my work table in the basement and I feel much better. 

When I feel better, I don't necessarily finish my projects.  The making is the part I enjoy, not necessarily the item itself. 

Anyhow, I promise I've been making over here, it's just that many things don't get finished or aren't really a *supercool* finished project. 

One not-so-cool-finished-project big(ish) thing we just did was put a new vent on our bathroom fan.  That means we drilled a hole in our roof.  I wish I could have been on the roof but I usually get stuck on the ground with the baby.  OH and that *slight fear of heights that makes me wobbly* thing.  I feel much better knowing that our steamy bathroom air is actually LEAVING the house instead of accumulating in our attic.

We (my husband and brother in law) finally eliminated the cords running to the television and my tech-savvy husband has computer downstairs hooked up to the television with a wireless mouse and keyboard.  Be jealous!

I made some birthday decorations for my favorite sister.  I might share here but they didn't turn out to be my most proud project so maybe I'll have to tweak my method before sharing. 

I also painted a wall.  Remember all the beige and brown we inherited with our house???  Well that brown accent wall in the dining room was killing me...painfully and slowly...  Lavinia in the film classic The Banger Sisters when she proclaims that she looks like the department of motor vehicles. So I painted it a lovely dark blue.  I haven't put the curtains back up because, guess what, they're beige.  So I'm on the hunt for extremely thrifty gray patterned curtains. 

Ooh pretty blue
Next up will be these two light green walls in the living room, but I'm paralyzed as to what color to paint them.  I would love white white white everywhere but the off-white on all our living area walls isn't that bad, and I think Dillon would hate such a stark white space. 


This is the style I'm going for; when I decorated the nursery it helped to have some colors picked out so I was able to make it look coordinated easily by comparing things to the ideal I had in my head.  I know, there is green on the mood board but NOT THE RIGHT GREEN.  We have a green couch that won't last forever but needs to stay for a couple of years so the walls need to coordinate with that for the time being also.  Can you see the light-green wall?

Bonus picture of our cable-less TV!
See the green on the "beam" going across and the wall with the TV?  YUCKY!

So now, what color should I paint the light green?  Seriously, advice!

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