Wednesday, March 4, 2015

10 Months!

You are so much fun right now!  You love to laugh and do a lot of it after dinner when we are playing together as a family. This month was a big month, I think, as you said your first real word, "Mama" as clear as day.  You took your first unassisted step the last day of your 9th month - ha!  I had been really rooting for you to do it before you turned 10 months and at a time when your Dad was home to witness it, and you did just that.

You've been playing a lot more independently recently and it's wonderful.  When you play in the kitchen while I cook; there is always a lot of pots and pans and measuring spoons for me to avoid on the floor.

Just recently you became interested in putting things "in", instead of always taking things out (of drawers, baskets, etc), you started stacking blocks instead of just knocking them down, and putting things together instead of pure destruction.  How refreshing! 

Week 40
Week 41
Week 42

Week 43

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