Thursday, April 2, 2015

11 months!

You are truly getting to be fun now!  Lots of work, lots of mess, lots of energy, lots of FUN!  You continue to take 4-5 steps only, although you could do more if you weren't such a chicken.  Your favorite thing to say is "boom"---- we are in trouble, I think!  I must be saying "boom" every time you fall down or drop something because you do too now. 

Although you dance less than you used to, it's been replaced with maraca shaking (instead of shaking the hand opposite the one holding the maraca).  We've been able to really play outside lately and you've been putting less and less in your mouth which is a welcome change in the great outdoors. 

You are a champion eater and are much cleaner lately.  Horay!  Looking like a "big boy" all the sudden and so sweet to mama and daddy, lots of kisses from you.  Oh it's a good life here!

Week 44

Week 45

Week 46

Week 47

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