Monday, November 24, 2014

Starting on Christmas

Hello there!  Sorry it's been awhile.  It's hard to find things to write about when I never seem to finish anything.  Sometime I drive myself nuts with my inability to finish all the projects I start.  In fact, I've been meaning to write about this for awhile and today A Beautiful Mess wrote pretty much exactly what I've been meaning to say.  At the moment, I have a knitted stocking waiting to be blocked, a knit christmas gift to finish, THREE kinds of christmas decorations to finish, a new quilt started (not to mention the other ones I've started and never finished), lots of ingredients bought for different recipes to try, and a basement half rearranged.  Yikes.

Really I think half the issue is that I am such a "process oriented" person, as opposed to "goal oriented".  I enjoy the act of knitting (or crafting, finding recipes, quilting, rearranging) more than I enjoy the end product. 

Well the thing I'm most finished with is this simple garland I whipped up to wrap around our bannister.  I found a sheet of stiff felt at Hobby Lobby for less than $1.  I had been hoping to find an off-white color but I guess Hobby Lobby thinks only primary colors are appropriate for stiff felt sheets.  I cut out about a million (imperfect) nickel-size circles, and then ran them through my sewing machine.  I just sewed through the center of each one, let the machine run for a few seconds (to make the spaces between the dots) and then shoved another circle under the foot. 

It sewed together very quickly, and cutting the circles was a breeze.  Except for Dillon, who is incredibly bad at cutting circles.  I know because I tested him and he failed.  Sorry buddy, your secret is out.  So this, along with some pom-pom garland and maybe a few pine cones and our stockings will be hanging from our bannister this Christmas! I'll wait to show you the final thing, since I haven't started decorating yet because Dillon won't let me. 

Hopefully before Christmas I'll have some more things finished that I can blog about. Or not.  At least I'll try and enjoy the process!

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