Monday, November 10, 2014

SIX Months!

Wow buddy we made it half a year.  It feels like an accomplishment!

You are army crawling around, and getting pretty fast, too!  You are pretty fascinated by shoes so you crawl over to check them out all the time. 

You just started solid food this week, so we made it nursing exclusively for six months. THAT feels like an accomplishment!  We are doing "baby led weaning", so you get whole foods (not purees) in large chunks that you can grab and chomp on.  No teeth yet, so you really are working at it.  You have so much interest in the food, but you aren't really coordinated enough just yet and have trouble getting things to your mouth, especially slippery foods like banana and avocado.  But you really put a lot of heart into it and I'm sure you'll get better very soon with all the practice you are getting.

 We are pretty sure you respond to your name, like to smile a lot at people, and enjoy playing with boxes.  You also like looking through the balusters in the stairwell and we like to do a peek-a-boo game with you there. 

I could go on and on because you are such a fun guy right now.  And big!  17lbs 15oz at your appointment and we are feeling every ounce when we carry you around!

OH and you were a peapod for halloween.  It was amazing and lots of people told us how adorable you were. 

Week 22
Week 23
Week 24
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