Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Safety First!

You guys,  it's No-Shave November! Also known as "movember" to those of you who don't realize that the prostate cancer people stole this glorious month from deer hunters. I love me some bearded fellas.  Norm, anyone?

Anyhow, I had asked on Facebook if anyone had any suggestions for babyproofing our fireplace.  Here were the requirements:

The living room (with the white rug), the dining room to the left, and the kitchen in the back left

1. baby can't have access to the underside of it where all kinds of gas tubes and wires are.
2. I still need to be able to walk around it, since this fireplace sits right in the middle of our kitchen/living room/dining room.
3. Bonus points if we can help baby avoid sharp corners.
4. We have the gas turned off so it won't ever be hot,  just full of wires and corners

Well I got a ton of responses (ahem3ahem) so i thought I'd try the least expensive and least space - requiring.  Here's what we came up with:

Obviously this cardboard solution is only for non-functioning fireplaces.  I picked up a sheet of black cardboard from hobby lobby for just over $1. We took or time and used a utility knife to score and cut a piece to wedge just inside each of the legs for the front and 2 sides. These are just tightly wedged in place,  so they can be removed if we decide to light a fire after bedtime some night (like Christmas).

The back we left open because, as you can see, it doesn't have a nice solid straight side and has flexible yellow tubing coming out of it.  I am thinking a decent size basket full of something will be enough to deter him from exploring it for now. 
Curvy backside (hehe) with an important tube coming out of it.  This will be behind some sort of large basket

And of course, I plan to help him avoid the corners to the best of my ability but I am sure he'll get banged up a bit at some point.  That's sort of what kids do though.  I've heard.

So thanks for the words of wisdom and wish us luck with the rest of the babyproofing.  My computer-geek of a husband has a lot of cables lying around that I'm busy keeping baby out of.  And then there's things like this:

That would be a terrible and blurry picture of my son chewing on a table.


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