Monday, June 30, 2014

I'm in love with a coffee bean

We moved into or house almost a year ago, and I'm embarrassed to admit that we have thoughtfully hung only one thing on our walls: the tv. Between pregnancy ickyness, other big projects (like the floor and railing), and now a demanding infant, it just want a priority.  So we have had the pleasure of looking at this dining room wall for nearly 12 months. Yikes.
Holes, cable outlet, electrical outlet, missing paint

 We have several large scale frames with "art" in them sitting downstairs,  but I wanted to hang up a large burlap coffee bag I got for free from taking a very informative tour of this place last year.  In addition to the intense need to find a vacuum coffee maker secondhand, the coffee bag was a great takeaway.  I have to confess that this idea was stoles about 6 years ago from my hubby's roommate and now wife.  And she is an awesome and ambitious cook so go to her blog.

I first needed to build a frame for the bag and then planned on stapling the bag around the outside (like a canvas would be stretched and go around the frame). This solution to our at problem would also hopefully cover up these stupidly placed outlets.  We are of the "one tv in our house is enough" variety. And on the of chance that we eat in the dining room,  I like to interact with my husband,  not watch tv.  So covering up that outlet was no big deal. 

I made a run to menards and picked up the thinnest, cheapest wood I could find: lath. Random,  I know.  And since menards had their11% rebate going on, I got the heavy duty staple gun I've been wanting for years (seriously,  if im promoting menards this much I should be getting some sort of perk from them, don't you think? )

Laying out the lath to decide the size of the frame I wanted to build.
Not Norm-Approved, but it works for me!
I laid out my bag and cut the lath to make a nice square frame, then glued and stapled it in place.  Norm would not approve of my method but it works and I am on a serious time crunch.  Although adorable things like this happen while I'm working away.

Then I cut and stapled the burlap to the frame, pulling it nice and snug.  I added a wire to the back for hanging.  It came out a bit crooked because the printing is a little of center, but I like it.

SIDENOTE: I should have a tag line of "beautifully imperfect" because I seriously believe that if a person goes into a craft project thinking it will come out just exactly how they want with straight lines and perfect stitches,  they will be very disappointed.  Instead, finding joy in the imperfect creations you make helps you keep going amd really enjoy making things.  If you want prefect,  buy it.  If you want to enjoy the "making", let it be wonky.  Dillon and I have been discussing how he is "goal oriented" and I am "process oriented" and this is the ultimate example of where I find my joy.

Anyhow,  I like the final result.  We are a long way from our gallery wall that im going for in here though. I think a few crisp perfectly straight picture frames and a few other wonky looking items will make it perfect. Now we can say we have TWO intentionally hung items on our walls.

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