Friday, June 13, 2014

Month 1

Pretend this post went up 2 weeks ago. I started it on time but had a hard time finding time to finish it.

 Is been a month already since our little family of two became a family of three.  Holy moly.

We decided to track Levi's growing up by snapping a picture every week.  This far,  he has been a pretty unwilling model.  But he will get used to it.  Or maybe not and he will be crying in every single week.

We are using the quilt I made him as a background (occasionally just white if thats what we are feeling that day) and I'm hoping to dress him in blues, greens, and yellows. Because I want to torture myself coordinating his outfits every Friday morning along with him.  Here we go:


Week 2
Week 3

Week 4

4 weeks in, I like eating and sleeping.  Sometimes both at the same time. Daddy is better at shushing and rocking me to sleep.  I sleep in 1.5 hour stretches during the day and 3-4hour stretches at night in my bassinet.  I fooled mommy  and daddy for a couple weeks by sleeping well in my bassinet during naps but now I'm done with that!  I also have been getting good at spraying daddy during diaper changes before he leaves for work.  I'm like a lot of men in the family and I love to always be in motion! 

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