Tuesday, June 17, 2014

finishing up the pantry cupboard

Remember this post about fixing up our *steal* of a pantry cupboard?  Well this is a quick update about how we finished it. I used the shiny new brass closures on the doors, only I made them a little less shiny and new first: I let the pieces sit in a container of vinegar for a couple days until I likes the amount of "aging". It worked perfectly and was so much easier than sanding or blowtorching or other suggested methods. Just remember to do the screws too, since they are visible.

Vinegar turned the shiny brass knob on top into something closer to matching the original keyhole

There was some concern that the aging process would gunk up the mechanics in the back; it definitely doesn't turn as smoothly as when it was fresh out of the packaging,  but it still works great.

Velcro so I can change my mind
I also finished this up by adding a couple of cork boards to the inside. The thought was that we can put our shopping list on one,  and other coupons and things I keep long term (like wedding invite & information) on the other. To make these, I just reinvented a couple of circular cork trivets we have had since college.  I simply cut a piece of scrap fabric to size around each trivet and used a regular staple gun all the way around to affix it to the back of each one. Then I used a velcro (or is it "hook and loop"?) command hook on the back and sick it to the easiest to open cupboard door.  Easy peasy.

I found this adorable container of wooden push pins in the dollar spot in Target, and snatched it up just for this project.

Shopping list, coupons, wedding invitations--No longer cluttering up my fridge!
My favorite part is that it keeps all of our coupons and lists and such off the fridge so the kitchen immediately looks cleaner and more organized.  

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