Monday, August 30, 2010

Wedding cards

We were the happy recipients of a ton of wedding cards, and even though I'm not a very sentimental gal, I couldn't bear to throw them out.  So I turned them into a book to look through years down the road when I want to remember our big day.

I used some craft glue and a stack of heavy books to compress and glue the "spine" of the book together.  Just make sure you get all of the cards to the edge, and and you really slather that glue on.  I used two thick layers of glue.

Then, I used a piece of scrap fabric from my apron, cut and folded to the size of the spine, and glued it on to make it look a little more like a book.  The hard part of this was not using so much glue that it soaked through the fabric and would look like a kindergarten art project.  I think I managed it though.  Voila!  A card book to remember!

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