Monday, August 23, 2010

Back from camping

We're back!  We survived the strong winds in the area on Friday, horrific mosquito bites, and not-so-hot ability to build a fire and managed to have a wonderful time, as well.  Our campsite was so adorable that I had to take a couple of photos: 

The tea kettle Jamie brought from a thrift store ( a $.25 find) was one of my favorite campsite necessities.
 We also used candles set in jars instead of a lantern.  Take this as a lesson, all those of you out there like our campground neighbors who have a battery lantern that will shine brighter than the sun into other people's campsites: candles can light the way in a slightly less harsh manner (and in a way that won't make your neighbors want to throw rocks at you)

We had a wonderful time with friends and I don't even think D minded that they were MY friends from high school.  What a good bunch.

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