Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thin Mints

I made cookies today:  homemade thin mints.  I would highly recommend this recipe if you would like to give mint thins a try.  I documented my journey:

The dough was supposed to "resemble small pebbles".  Mine didn't.  Mine was very soft.  I think it was because my butter was too warm.

You put it on wax paper and roll it into a cylinder, then chill for awhile so it will cut.  Doesn't it look like a giant, minty tootsie roll?

Maybe our refrigerator isn't cold enough, because the dough didn't seem to firm up much.  Slice it up, bake them (on my favorite--parchment paper!).  Then they look like this:

Enlist a little help to frost.  Then wait for little fairies to come and eat them all up!

I think I know how I'll be enjoying the weekend.  You?

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