Friday, March 21, 2014

"Two Lists" & "Prepping...the nursery plan"

We got something in the mail the other day....

I physically could not get the belly out of the  photo.

Tada!  It's this lovely wool rug from  Remember I was holding out for an elusive 75% off sale?  I had heard those happen once or twice a year.  Unfortunately, I couldn't hold out for that long because 1. baby is coming! 2. I saw that the size I wanted was on backorder until March 20th.  3. It was 70% off at the time.  So I decided not to squabble over $10 and dove in.  We spent $109 on this baby.  It's the perfect color for baby's room, where we're going for a gray/mustard yellow/teal color scheme.  I had been a tiny bit nervous that the color on my computer screen wouldn't match what showed up on our doorstep, but it was spot on!

I set this bad boy in the room myself, which was a bad idea because it is fairly heavy and I was a bit sore afterward.  After sitting on it to look through some baby things (which I am doing frequently these days), I started to get really itchy on my legs/butt.  Well this thing is shedding like nobody's business.  So I've vacuumed it heavily the past few days and think things are under control now. 

Want to see what's not in control?

The rest of the room.  Oh man do we have some organizing to do!  Piles of stuff are everywhere!  At the beginning of next month, my mom is bringing down my childhood (great grandpa built, if I remember correctly) dresser.  Then, Dillon and I will do a little switcharoo with our dressers and the one he is currently using will go into baby's room.  We're planning on putting the changing pad on the dresser and hope to house all of baby's clothes in the dresser rather than too much in the closet, which is pretty well stocked with Dillon's things.  Since, you know, my things take up our entire bedroom closet.  Sorry, Dillon.  Then, we'll put the mobile up above the changing pad once we know final placement.

At any rate, now that you've heard the plan, I need to share some things.  I was up from 1:00-4:00am last night thinking of things I would miss and things I would NOT miss about being pregnant.  So here goes:
Things I will miss:
  • feeling baby move, especially when he or she moves a lot when there is music in church (Easter will be wonderful this year!)
  • singing to the baby and knowing that he or she can hear me, and actually likes my voice
  • planning and thinking and prepping for baby
  • having ambition and time to craft things for baby
  • sleep
  • our 2 person family
  • the freedom to do whatever we want, without thinking about babysitters, naptime, diapers, or "how to fit it all in the car"
Things I will NOT miss:
  • Feeling baby move in the middle of the night when I'm trying to sleep, or when he/she jabs me
  • Oh the aches and pains and having to sit on a pillow on our couch just so that I will be able to get up
  • people making jokes about how much sleep I am getting now (ie. "sleep now because you won't be able to for the next 10 years! har har har")
  •  People telling me their stories of their labors/birth.  Quite frankly, unless you are immediate family or close friends, I don't care.  Sorry.  A person can only hear so many.
  • People looking at my belly.  I was talking to Dillon about it yesterday, and if I had been one of those ladies who gain a bit too much weight or broke out with acne, or grew hair places or had some other unfortunate visible pregnancy symptom, I would hate being out in public; I would be so self-conscious.  So many people glance at the belly, as if to remind me that I'm growing a person in there.  YES, I KNOW.  I even had a stranger in Menards yesterday point at me from across the aisle and make a "big round belly" hand motion.  Thank you, ma'am.  That was totally necessary.
  • Planning and wondering and thinking about baby because BABY WILL BE HERE!
I really am very excited for this kiddo.

Here's the most up-to-date list of to-do's:

-Rug for nursery (still waiting for a 75% off sale at Rugsusa) (It was ordered, but is now backordered until March 20th.  I finally committed during a 70% off sale)
-anything that's not a gift off our registry
-diaper sprayer (I realized we won't really need this until baby starts solid foods, unless our washer can't handle the poops.  Breastfeeding poop is water soluble, so it's actually easier to just throw it all in the washer without pre-rinsing)
-read birthing books
-tour the hospital (by the way, I was the only mama there writing things down and asking questions!!! Do these ladies not understand this stuff is IMPORTANT??? or am I just a little too type-A for this?)
-preregister at the hospital
-make sure our insurance will still all work out since Dillon's place of work changed providers (grrrr)
-Take our birthing classes (we still are practicing our hypnobirthing every day!)
-Take our "breastfeeding and newborn" class
-Finish up our registries (since Target's in-store selection was limited and we haven't even started the 2nd one)
-Look into placenta encapsulation  (It is something I'm interested in, but we can't afford to have it done at the moment and we're too squeamish to do it ourselves, so we'll live without!)
-Attend shower (thanks everybody!)
-cushion for rocking chair
-footstool (Bean bag beans are ordered and it's been started!  Now, to finish...)
-mobi wrap (don't have to! Thanks, Meghan, for offering to send us one of yours!!!)
-mobile (DONE! except for hanging, which is proving more difficult than I had anticipated.  Update to come!)
-portable high chair thinger
-Nursery decor (some sort of sign with a favorite hymn written on it)
-Paint nursery
-Finish Railing (Only those handful of small touch-ups, but most Dillon will have to do since stain/poly/everything causes cancer)
-complete flooring (transition strips and heating vent) (FINALLY DONE!)
-Finish our pantry cabinet (add shelves, paint, and fill with all the crap that's covering my counters and stressing me out)
-mini-babymoon by showing up at a friend's house for the weekend (thanks Ryan and Josie!)
-Ikea Trip
-Knit a onesie
-Make and freeze a bunch of meals  
-pack hospital bags
-install carseat and have it checked
-shop for new-mama supplies
-finish thank-yous from shower (they're coming, ladies!)
-write out address labels for baby announcements now, so that I won't have to later

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