Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Prepping... the vintage (Part 2)

Good news, guys.  I've gotten my act together and finished a couple of projects over the weekend and will be ready to share shortly!

First, the second installment of the vintage finds I've collected for the baby over the years.  I saved my favorites for this post! 

The first item was a recent purchase, while we were in Green Bay visiting friends on this trip.  We were walking downtown and us ladies forced the fellas into an antique store for a few minutes.  Fortunately, there were some "mantiques" in the building that kept Dillon from going crazy.  Like a terrifying antique dentist chair.  No wonder people are afraid of the dentist *shudder*.

Anyway, I found this adorable tiny shirt, with "Little League"  and baseball bats embroidered on the front.  It might be a doll shirt.  I don't care, I will put it on my baby as long as it fits.  It's so hard to find suitable vintage boys clothes, remember?  And at 50% off of the price tag of $3.50, it wasn't a bad splurge. 

Next up is this set of wood blocks.  I haven't even taken them out of their bag yet.  I know wood blocks have been a hot item for the past few years, particularly if you can get them in letters spelling out baby's name.  These have mostly numbers and symbols on them; after all, what baby wouldn't want to learn about division symbols?  They're still cute, and were a great deal for only $2.  I got them while shopping at the worlds greatest antique mall with Jamie this fall.  I'm going to try to find as many multi-use toys (ie not single use "this is how you play with it" plastic toys) as possible for baby and this is the start of that goal.  Yay imagination and creativity!

Finally, my favorite vintage find in the whole world.  It also comes from the worlds greatest antique mall, a few years back.  I actually left it behind once because it cost too much for me at that point.  But I returned to the antique mall later that week and prayed to the antique gods that it was still there.  It was!  So I splurged on a future baby girl.  I don't remember what I paid, but I think it was in the $12 range.  I cut the tag off so I wouldn't scare Dillon. 

The sweet white piping...the peter pan collar...that adorable "puff" to the end of the sleeves...the gorgeous color...  What could be better than this?  I think if we have a girl, she will wear this as a dress with white leggings (which I'm still knitting) and then as she grows it will be a great light spring jacket.  Oh do I have plans for this thing!  It's in spectacular vintage condition with no fading, stains, holes, repairs, or anything!  If it was my size, I'd be in heaven.

 Needless to say, Rachel Elrod, you are my favorite person. 

How about a quick recap of our "pre-baby to-do's"?
(recent changes are in RED, things done are crossed out)

-Rug for nursery (still waiting for a 75% off sale at Rugsusa) (It was ordered, but is now backordered until March 20th.  I finally committed during a 70% off sale)
-anything that's not a gift off our registry
-diaper sprayer (I realized we won't really need this until baby starts solid foods, unless our washer can't handle the poops.  Breastfeeding poop is water soluble, so it's actually easier to just throw it all in the washer without pre-rinsing)
-read birthing books
-tour the hospital (by the way, I was the only mama there writing things down and asking questions!!! Do these ladies not understand this stuff is IMPORTANT??? or am I just a little too type-A for this?)
-preregister at the hospital
-make sure our insurance will still all work out since Dillon's place of work changed providers (grrrr)
-Take our birthing classes (we still are practicing our hypnobirthing every day!)
-Take our "breastfeeding and newborn" class
-Finish up our registries (since Target's in-store selection was limited and we haven't even started the 2nd one)
-Look into placenta encapsulation  (It is something I'm interested in, but we can't afford to have it done at the moment and we're too squeamish to do it ourselves, so we'll live without!)
-Attend shower
-cushion for rocking chair
-footstool (Bean bag beans are ordered and it's been started!  Now, to finish...)
-mobi wrap (don't have to! Thanks, Meghan, for offering to send us one of yours!!!)
-mobile (DONE! except for hanging, which is proving more difficult than I had anticipated.  Update to come!)
-portable high chair thinger
-Nursery decor (some sort of sign with a favorite hymn written on it)
-Paint nursery
-Finish Railing
-complete flooring (transition strips and heating vent) (FINALLY DONE!)
-Finish our pantry cabinet (add shelves, paint, and fill with all the crap that's covering my counters and stressing me out)
-mini-babymoon by showing up at a friend's house for the weekend (thanks Ryan and Josie!)
-Ikea Trip
-Knit a onesie
-Make and freeze a bunch of meals 

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