Friday, March 28, 2014


My lovely family threw me two baby showers recently.  It's unfortunate that Dillon's family and mine live so far apart, it would be so fun to have them all in the same place at the same time.  BUT, instead, I got to be showered with love, gifts, and congratulations two different times.  Here's how it went down:

My sister and Mom threw my shower up north for my family, and then my sister and mother-in-law threw the one closer to where we live now.  And I only remembered to take pictures at the first one up north.  I think it's because this was happening in my house at the same time as my second shower.

What was happening while I was at the shower.  Lots of thinking and direction-reading.

It was all "Peter Rabbit" themed which was adorable.  Terra cotta pots filled with carrots and flowers, carrot cake cupcakes for one shower, 3 of these adorable diaper cakes.  It was too cute! 

Thanks, Rachel!
Thanks, Mom!

At the first shower up north, my mom and sister had it all set up to have each guest decorate a onesie for Baby P, and I got to pick a "winner".  This resulted in an incredible and glorious number of onesies for us.  And it's my favorite thing in the world to force other people into crafting, it seems.  I couldn't have been happier.  Just look at this setup!

The other games we played at both showers were a quiz about what traits the baby will have, if he/she will take after me or Dillon.  We also played a lovely game of "guess what baby food you are tasting".  And THIS lady (both thumbs pointing toward myself) got to enjoy both "Turkey" and "beef".  Thanks, Rach!  (the other foods were much more paletable things like green beans, carrots, and pears).

At the 2nd shower, we also played a "guess what baby item is in the bag" game that was surprisingly difficult.  And we all ate a lot of (Uncle-ish) Junior's pinwheel wrap things.  Yum!

Of course I was showered with gifts for the baby, and feel so blessed by everyone!  When I got home, I did this:

So many blessings!  So much that I panicked!

Then I freaked out because...something.  Overwhelming!  But we got it sorted out.  I've been washing baby stuff to prepare, and then last weekend we put together our stroller and carseat.  It's a fancy dancy "travel system", which sounds admittedly hoity toity and crazy, but I think it will be amazing.  Especially for a spring/summer baby.  This baby clicks and locks and snaps and adjusts with one hand and I am pumped. We installed our carseat in the car, and I have to take it over to the local police department to have it checked out.  Though I think it's fine since it doesn't budge whatsoever. 

Inflating the tires.

So thanks everyone, and I promise I'm working on thank you cards.  When I'm not staring at baby clothes and feeling overwhelmed.  Things are getting pretty real nowdays!

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