Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Banner...

My big sis is getting married, so I threw her a bridal shower.  I'm sure I'll post more pictures another time, but for now I'll show off a banner that I made for the occasion.

The shower was held in a pavilion in a park and had a HUGE fireplace inside.  Obviously, it was June and wasn't used, but I hung this banner on there to spice it up. 

This was probably the cheapest thing I could have made for the shower, which is great since I'm cheap.  And unemployed.  Total cost:  $1.99.  BOOM.

Here's the secret...the only thing I bought was a pack of small yellow paper plates.  I cut off the raised lip of the plates, leaving perfect circles that I didn't even have to measure or trace or anything.  I could have used construction or scrapbook paper, but I'm cheap and the plates were nice and sturdy. 

I found a pretty font and printed out the letters for my sign, "CONGRATS, Rachel & Joe".  Then I cut them out with a stanley knife and glued them on to my perfect circles.  Punch two holes in each circle and string some random thread through.  I didn't secure the letters to the string (for perfect spacing) because I wasn't sure how big the fireplace was, but they spread out and stayed in their spots nicely because of the two-hole construction. 

So there you have it.  The cheapest, easiest, should-I-really-blog-about-this project ever.  And yes, I was using a utility knife on my couch... because my middle name is Danger. 

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