Thursday, July 18, 2013

I'm Baaaaack!

Yes, it has been awhile.  Let's pretend I've been here all along and you weren't missing me terribly; that way, I don't have to apologize.

Long story short: I got a job.  I got promoted.  I got stressed out.  I got REALLY stressed out.  I quit.  Once again, I am the anchor to our financial boat.  I'm looking for something part time.  Now stop asking me if I've found a job yet.  Jeez you guys...

I've completed several fun projects recently, and even managed to snap a picture or two of them, so you all can look forward to that.  I've done a handful of things for my sister's wedding, so you'll have to wait until after the beautiful day of September 7th to see those.

Just so I don't neglect to show you my projects, I will let you know I made some amazing baby shoes for a friend who is recently preggo, a movie, a super secret project that took FOREVER for my sis' big day, canned some things, baked some things, threw a bridal shower, made a pillow, grew some plants, painted a dingy rolling cart, and a few other things I'm sure I'll remember eventually.

Now that you're on pins and needles waiting for all those glorious posts, I'll leave you hanging.

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