Saturday, March 19, 2016

Baby 2 Prep, Three Projects

Today is my due date!  Since my son was a week overdue, I've been trying to keep in mind that I will be "overdue" this time as well.  Nothing says fun like people asking you "when are you due?" and having to answer "last week". 

I've pretty much checked off as much as possible from my list of "to do's" so it's just been a waiting game for a couple of weeks now.  I even had my whole house clean at the same time...once.  Then I didn't give birth and now it's messy again.  Funny how that works.

Here's a few of my projects that I've done recently.  I could probably make separate posts for each one but...I'm 40 weeks pregnant and I make the rules here.

The first is a wall hanging that I made.  I know this isn't everyone's cup of tea, mostly because my hubby thinks I'm crazy for wanting this on my wall.  But he let me do it anyway.  Thanks, honey!

Pretty hard to see clear thread, but just make sure that your thread goes through the piece of yarn tying the pom pom together.  Otherwise, tragedy.

I had been saving a branch from our backyard to make one of these jewelry/scarf hangers.  That's right, I was saving a special stick since last summer.  Thanks, again, honey!  I changed direction and decided I wanted to paint it with some stripes and hang pom poms from it, like this.  I used a variety of leftover bits of yarn to make different size pom poms.  By the way, have you seen this genius way to make a bunch of pom poms simultaneously????  I didn't do it that way but it would have been smart!  I used clear thread to hang the pom poms from the branch, after painting stripes on the branch with leftover bits of paint.  TADA!  And if you call it a "wall hanging", it's trendy and cool and not "junk I decided to hang on my wall".  This is being hung above the baby's crib in our bedroom.

The next thing that I made was for my son's 2nd birthday in about a month--an apron for cooking!  This kid loves to help in the kitchen and insists that I wear my apron when I'm in there.  So I thought he might enjoy one his size.
Proof that he likes to help.  This "Big Joe" apron is crazy huge on him though.

I used this pattern and found a cute fat quarter at Joanne's to use.  Don't be like me though.  I didn't realize that the cars were running the wrong direction (vertically) for the pattern because of how the fat quarter had been cut (they were "driving" along the long side rather than across the shorter side). So this apron is a bit shorter than the pattern called for.  Oh well.  I haven't given it to him yet, so I have no pictures of him wearing it yet.

It's an easy peasy pattern (made a million times easier because I finally got to use my new-to-me hand-me-down Janome machine!!!! Thanks, Grandma!) so that means that every toddler I know will be getting one for a gift at some point.

Finally, I whipped up this little project today while my son used play doh.   I've been collecting (read: hoarding) independent toddler activities for awhile so that he can play with special "big boy" toys while I nurse the baby.  I think I'm over compensating for feeling like he'll be deserted while the baby gets all the attention.  I saw this brilliant idea for a fabric "road" that can be laid on the floor and whipped a bunch of pieces out in about 10 minutes today.

I used an old pair of jeans that I've been saving (maybe I really am a hoarder??)  and cut it up into road shapes.  Nothing fancy here, just roughly the same width at each end so that the road can be continuous.  Then I used some blue craft paint (because that's what I found.  Again, 10 minute project) and made center lines along each piece.  Once they dry, I'll throw them into his special "big boy basket" with some wooden cars from the dollar spot at Target and he can choose to play with this, or several other items, while the baby is needing attention.

There you have it.  Three projects done!  One very pregnant lady, still pregnant. 

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