Thursday, February 18, 2016

Baby #2 Prep: Knitting projects

I've been knitting up a storm over here.  It all started when I needed to make my son this hat and I rediscovered half of this sweater (Norwegian Baby) sitting on my needles.  After I completed the hat I continued on (mostly) where I had left off and finished it up.  It turned out incredibly cute and I am so proud!  

I was able to use some of my Grandma & Great-Grandma's buttons to finish it and I love how it turned out!  Sorry, kid #1, your mom put off knitting for so long you'll never be able to wear this.  

I still hadn't scratched the knitting itch completely, so I whipped up a hat (Little Fair Isle Hat) for my sister's baby.  Then I whipped up an identical hat for my baby.  I am in love with the little loop at the top and think all my hats for kids will end up with a loop instead of a pompom for awhile.

After that, I knocked out a quick pair of baby socks following this pattern, Garter Stripe Baby Socks.

Now the knitting itch has been satisfied and I can work on some other projects for awhile. 

It's a good thing, too, as I'm officially 9 months pregnant and have quite a to-do list before this second kiddo is born.  Namely:

-get out and wash newborn attire and diapers
-pick out an announcement
-install the carseat
-preregister at the hospital
-print birth plan
-practice hypnobirthing
-make kid#1 busy bags 
-make a million freezer meals
-stockpile necessities (food, toiletries, paper products)
-buy a few things (like a double stroller and new diaper covers)
-plan kid#1 birthday gift and Easter gift
-buy a car (not nearly as fun as it sounds)

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