Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Traditions

Have you ever had a brilliant idea and then someone came along and had that same brilliant idea and you could have made millions? ? Well that's me and tree branch slices.  Yeah, I did that before pinterest did. So where's my million dollars? ?  Oh,  I waited too long?   C'mon, man!

Allow me to take you back to where it all began, in the kitchen of our first rental apartment. We had just bought our first Christmas tree of our married lives. it was real because Irefuse to do a fake one.  Our tree came with a little tag that told us to make a fresh cut off the trunk before putting it in the stand.  And we follow directions.  THUS THE GREAT WOOD SLICE TREND WAS BORN!

I've been saving a slice of our tree every year since then, and someday we will be able to hang them as ornaments from a Christmas tree. And we will have a tree full of trees and it will be a beautiful tree and we will laugh at how long and beautiful our marriage has been and how many wonderful years we have been together and how long ago 2010 was and how our lives have changed since that first apartment kitchen and we will have grandchildren who ask us about the slices and maybe, just maybe, a silly thing like tree slices will be cool.  And then tree slices became cool and trendy TOO SOON and it's only been 5 years but already know I know my idea will be a has-been idea. HARUMPH.

But I'm still going to save them and one day we will look at them and smile and think of all the money we could have made selling logs.

So that's my story and if you choose to follow suit my only advice is to do a cut-your-own tree farm (or backyard!)and that way you can get a nice even slice off the stump instead of wrestling trying to hold a tree in place while you saw a slice from the bottom.

Hopefully later this week I can try and get a few good pictures of our son in front of our tree (from my parent's land, driven atop the Subaru for 250 miles, and still surviving!).  I have to find some new cute Christmas PJs though, he outgrew the ones I got him!

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