Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Get outta here!

It's been beautiful so I thought I'd update you with a few of the things going on outside our house right now.  Another time I'll do a full tour of our yard, but right now, there are way too many plants that are unrecognizable (as we didn't pay enough attention to them last fall) so it'll be a surprise in a few weeks!

For today, I guess we'll start with the fact that I'm super pregnant. Our due date is on Friday, and I'm trying to keep in mind that most first time babies come late.  I am getting pretty impatient, though.  I think it's partly due to the fact that I stopped working last week Wednesday, so I've been sitting around waiting.  Ugh.  Last week wasn't so bad because it was holy week and we had lots of church and family to distract me, but this week has been brutal.  All I seem to want to do is things I can't do, like stain things, rearrange furniture in the basement, and weed the flower beds (I just can't physically bend like that for long). 

Not going to lie, yesterday was a rough day for me.  We got yet another email from our birthing class group telling us about another little one who was born, we had TV troubles (so I couldn't watch the SVU marathon I had been looking forward to), and Dillon went out with colleagues after work so I was home alone for a long time.  Also, just about everything from our to do list is done.  So there I sat. 

But today is a new day, I'm feeling much more optimistic, and the weather looks great for a nice long walk this morning (and if I happen to go into labor while walking, I wouldn't complain!). 

The weather has been looking great for the past couple weeks, actually.  Here we are 2 weeks ago:

Check out that barely-started grass!

And this is our lush lawn this morning. 

Whoa when did the lawn get so green? and just look at that lovely edging keeping the rocks contained!  OOH.  AAH.

It's a good thing we bought a lawnmower last weekend, I think we'll be using it soon!  We got a used Toro push mower (it surprises me how many people suggest that we wouldn't DARE to use a push mower and that we need a riding mower for our spacious-for-the-city-i-guess 1/3 acre.  Much different attitude from what my family did growing up!!!) for $175 and were delighted that it fit in the Buick.  That buick can handle anything, I tell ya. 

Last weekend we (meaning I directed while Dillon worked) installed a bit of garden edging that you can see in that second picture.  We have one tiny area of rock groundcover in our yard but there was no border so the rocks made their way into the grass frequently and it drove me insane!  So we dug some out, freeing some of the stone pavers from overgrown grass, and installed the edging to hopefully keep the rocks in and the weeds out. It looks much better, but you'll have to take my word for it as I forgot to take a "BEFORE" picture.

Another reason why I'm much happier today is that we have some fresh flowers in our house right now:

Straight from the backyard, they make me so happy and they smell so wonderful to my still-pregnant nose!  Our lilac bushes in the backyard are starting to get leaves and I know it's only a matter of time before they are beautiful and smell lovely too!  I'm sure I'll make a post about those, since LILAC=SPRING in my book.

Sorry, old friend on the left.  You lived a good life.

Inside, we have one plant that isn't faring so well.  Or maybe it is, we still haven't decided.  Remember when I asked you all about what was happening with this?  Well a new plant has sprouted up and the old one is in it's last stages of life, I think.  So should we remove the old one? We're thinking we'll just re-pot the new one and get rid of the old.  Sorry, plant.  You made a lovely dinosaur home.

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