Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Baptism Attire

When this baby arrives, he or she will be the most stylish one at his or her baptism! 

We have resurrected the baptism outfits that Dillon and I were baptised in, and they are ready for action at any time!!!  The gown was worn by myself and my sister, along with my cousins.  And it's very slippery and silky and I'm sure I'll be one nervous mama when that day comes. 

The little suit was worn by Dillon and a few of his cousins.  There's a little vest to go with it!

Jacket with bow tie

I had a few repairs to do on each of these; it seems that they get more wear and tear on them than one would think given that they've only been worn a few days in the past nearly three decades.

On the gown, a bit of ruching had come apart and needed a few quick stitches to close up the hole. 

The elastic on the bottom right leg opening was broken

On the suit, the elastic in one of the legs was broken and a button on the vest was missing.  I ripped out the stitches on either side of the casing for the elastic and removed the old elastic.  It looks like there have been no improvements in elastic in the past 27 years, since I could use the same length of elastic left over from my crib sheet project.  I slipped on a safety pin to one end and threaded it through the casing, using more safety pins to hold each end so the elastic wouldn't come back out, like this:

Using a safety pin to hold elastic in place while stitching
Old on the left, new on the right

Then I hand stitched a few stitches along the edge and it was done!  I also found a very similar (but not perfect matching) button in my stash and rearranged some of the buttons on the jacket to hide the fact that it was different (I put the non-matching button under the bow tie and used that matching one to replace the missing one on the vest). 

It's amazing how adorable these are and I can't wait to see our little baby in one of them!  Hopefully I'll be able to find a somewhat cute outfit for myself to wear to this baptism, too!


  1. How cute! It is so cool that baby can wear one of your two outfits!

    1. Thanks, I'm pretty excited that we have both a "girl version" and a "boy version"!