Friday, February 21, 2014

Prepping... the vintage (Part 1)

Prepping for this little baby continues.  We're at 31 weeks now, people, and boy is it getting exciting.  And exhausting and slightly uncomfortable.  and according to extensive internet research, baby is somewhere between the size of a melon, a coconut, and a pineapple.  Yes, a pineapple. 

I have a few vintage finds that I'm going to share, but broke it up into two posts because ISN'T THE ANTICIPATION KILLING YOU???  mwahahaha.

I'll start with the smallest and work my way up!

I found this hat at St. Vinny's in town when I was thrifting with my friend Jamie (my goodness we did a lot of thrifting/antiquing!) in November.  It was tucked away near some Christmas clothing, and I fell in love with it and the $1 price tag.  It needs a small snap repair, but otherwise is in great shape.

As I was taking this picture, I was looking for a "model" that would work a little better than laying it flat, but couldn't find one.  You guys, we don't even own 1 stuffed animal.  We are so not ready for a baby!

Next up is this dress I spotted at the most glorious antique mall in the world.  I'm sure I paid around $3 for it a few years back.  It's so hard to find colorful vintage baby clothing, or any vintage boy clothing whatsoever, so this beautiful little dress was a great find!  It has a small amount of discoloration on one of the ties in the back, but WHO CARES?  I'm sure the stains won't end there as I really plan on putting a baby in this thing if it's a girl.  and the puffy sleeves???  So cute.

Finally (for today), a set of play chairs that I won.  Technically, back in December I entered a contest on HandmadeCharlotte, and just found out a few weeks ago that I won!  It was a $250 credit to the online store Chairish.  Chairish is filled with pre-loved furniture and decorative items and has several brick and mortar stores along with a great online store.  So here's my review of Chairish: wellllll its nice, but as a Wisconsin girl, I found everything to be extremely overpriced.  As in, insane.  As in, I could make millions by going to a thrift store, snatching things up, and then reselling them on Chairish for a crazy profit.  There are a few really nice things on there that are worth the price listed. 

Needless to say, I paid $114 (including shipping) for two children's chairs, that aren't even vintage.  They're from Restoration Hardware (Warning: only follow that link if you are prepared to spend a long amount of time looking at beautiful things) and one is missing one of the little clear plastic feet.  If I didn't have that store credit, I would never buy anything there.  The chairs are adorable though, and I am so excited to have a future place for our kiddo to color, eat snacks, have tea parties.  In fact, I made Dillon test out the weight limit on one to make sure an adult wouldn't break anything, and it actually looked fairly comfortable for long-legged Dillon to enjoy a tea party or two someday!  All we need now is a table, maybe this one??? Just kidding, I'm never spending $300+ for a table that a child will get all nasty.  Our dining room table came from a garage sale, for pete's sake!

I could have found something to use up the rest of my credit to, but instead decided to give the rest of the credit to a friend. Hope she finds something wonderful!

So, to recap, a few thrifting tips:
-if you're thrifting or antiquing and spot a great vintage outfit, snap it up.  You will never see that one again. Ever.
-Look for colorful children's clothing, white stuff is much more common but who wants their kid in white?
-Look for vintage boy's stuff.  It's so hard to find!
-Come to Wisconsin if you are looking for a great deal.  Then, you can make a profit in places like Chicago, San Francisco, and New York by calling something "mid-century modern" or "vintage". (That's why we did all that thrifting here, right, Jamie???)


  1. If only I had known you had NO stuffed animals! I could have put a couple or more in that sofa. I gave away a few...