Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday, monday...

I thought I'd do a quick update on life around here, bullet-style since that's how I want to do it:

  • I lost all energy and motivation.  Upon googling it, there appears to be a 30 week slump in pregnancy where energy is depleted and one has the desire to sleep constantly.  That's me.  I keep falling asleep on the couch at 8:30, even with naps during the day!
  • Even though the forecast calls for 5-7 inches of snow today, I feel like spring is around the corner.  I think it's because we sang one of my favorite hymns in church yesterday that reminds me that Lent is almost here which means Easter is almost here which means SUMMER!
  • What do you guys think is happening with this plant?  It grew this little baby plant recently and now the mama plant looks to be dying.  Can it be saved?  
  • Just ignore the Dinosaurs. That's where they live. The dying mama plant is on the left, the new sprout is on the right.
  • We finished installing our transitions from our new tile floor to our wood ones!  And, miracle of miracle, we got the perfect stain color!  This gives me renewed confidence for the railing (since we'll be staining the newel posts, landing tread, and handrail to match the floors).  Hopefully soon I'll have a big post of all the research and prep we're doing for the railing.

Beautiful finished transitions in a matching stain color.
  • My incredible husband switched out this outlet for me.  It makes me so happy that all the outlets in the baby's room are white with white covers, to match.  Unlike this situation in our dining room.  I didn't even know that switch covers came in 2 different beiges, black, white shiny and white matte (not to mention the unpainted portion of the wall that was behind the previous owner's TV)

Beige outlet, different beige TV cable outlet, black TV mount, white light switches and thermostat, unpainted and dinged up wall...

  • I had a sick week last week.  I had to leave work early on Wednesday and missed our first installment of our Breastfeeding and Newborn Care class!  Boo!  I even called my doctor, which is unusual for me, because I was so concerned as I don't ever remember having a stomach bug that bad before.  But I'm fully recovered and fully hydrated now, though it really took the wind out of my "I'm a pregnant superhero" sails.
  •  I think I must really be starting to look pregnant because various strangers are asking me how the baby is doing, church people give a few glances at the belly, and I must look really awkward because Dillon keeps offering to help me get up off the floor if I've been sitting there, telling me I should stop sitting on the floor. I'm trying to be cool with it.  But God help you if you ask me if I'm having twins.
  • Lastly, we got our taxes all ready to go this weekend.  In previous years, we had to pay in a decent amount so we really fiddled with our withholdings this year so that we would get a return.  That fiddling combined with the house purchase and taxes and such resulted in a delightful return for us.  Praise the Lord we did that planning ahead, because now we can pay for baby expenses, railing, and maybe able to have Dillon stay home longer with his *bummer* unpaid paternity leave.
Here's to a great week ahead and lots of productivity!

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