Monday, December 16, 2013

Making Spirits Bright

This isn't a Christmas related project.

When we moved into our new home, it came with a few projects.  A couple big projects.  The previous owners had relocated a stairwell, and the resulting hole in the floor around the new stairwell is just surrounded by a 2x4 guardrail that wouldn't hold a person back if he leaned against it.  Maybe someday I'll post a picture, but for now I'm a bit too embarrassed that we haven't addressed this yet. 

The other project is our kitchen floor.  When Frank (the previous owner who we shame at least once a week when we discover some quirky house thing) moved the stairs, they left the space in our kitchen that used to be the stairs without any flooring.  There is a plywood piece there, but no linoleum.  We have two "bald" spots in the kitchen floor, resulting in not level, trip-down-the-stairs-potential. Okay, okay, just one picture and only if you promise not to comment:

Aside from those two big projects, we have some funky stairs (perfectly functional, just funky), missing quarter round trim on the trim next to the Frank-refinished floors, trim that desperately needs repainting, a very retro front screen door, and only a couple of other assorted projects (including a someday project of completely redoing the kitchen because I have pans that won't fit in any cupboard and am living without a silverware drawer separater because I can't find one small enough to fit in any of our drawers).

Anyhoo, that's life!  And when you discover you're pregnant at the same time that you purchase your first home, finances become a big topic of conversation.  Needless to say, we're hoping to chip away at the kitchen floors and railing soon.  BUT this post is about making my spirits bright.

The new stairwell had a light fixture along the side.  Picture any bare lightbulb you might find in a closet or basement ceiling.  That's what we had going.  It blinded anyone in the living room when it was on, because it didn't have a shade.

Well this weekend, we finally tackled that stupid little project and IT FEELS AWESOME.  I came home from work on Friday to discover my husband installing our new, $15 light fixture from Menards.  It was easy as pie, and Dillon didn't even have to perch on a ladder or dangle from the 2x4s surrounding our stairwell to change it out. I love having a tall fella in my life.

Removing the "Basement ceiling" light fixure
Installing the new, fancy, light fixture
I can't express how much this little, easy change encouraged me in our house-fixing.  I know it was a 10 minute project, and I didn't even really help.  But I feel like we can do anything.  Our house is finally OURS.  No longer is it Franks old house.  We are free to change it up however we want, and I am so excited.

So the next thing we plan on (for the moment) is tackling our flooring.  Because our kitchen will hopefully be spruced up eventually (think 5-10 year goal), we didn't want to go with fancy flooring.  So we found some peel and stick tiles on sale at Menards this month that we're pretty ready to commit to.  The tiles, plus some grout, primer, grout floats, sponges, tile spacers, and assorted supplies will hopefully run us under $200.  We'll have to see how much plywood has to be replaced after we tear out 3 layers worth of orange, red, and green speckled flooring that Frank just kept covering up.  Yikes.  Maybe we'll have to buy a crowbar, too?
All three layers, each with its own plywood underneath.  No wonder we have issues with the floor being level and flat

In the meantime, I'm still throwing ourselves a little parade every time I use our stairwell light.  It's amazing how finally tackling the smallest of projects can be so encouraging. Maybe it's my hormones.  After all, I did cry the other day because I had such a hard time finding the fish sticks in the grocery store.

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