Thursday, January 14, 2016

A Quick Knit

My son was in need of a hat.  His adorable one (made by the ohsotalented Jamie) disappeared.  After he pulled the pom pom on the top apart while in his carseat.  With the super frigid weather this past week, I decided that the reasonable thing to do would not be to purchase a hat...oh no...I needed to knit one.  So I used some yarn that the ohsogenerous Jamie sent me and cast on the Adelisa Earflap hat. It was a quick and satisfying knit (actually I enjoyed it so much I'm thinking about what other semi-mindless colorwork project I need in my life now).  And it fits reasonably!  I'm terrible at checking my gauge so it's always a gamble when I knit.  It's much better than wearing Daddy's hat around town (sorry I blamed that on you, kiddo).

Look at that modeling!  And I only had to bribe him with water in his new cup!

That's it! Shortest blog post ever!

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