Friday, July 10, 2015


I don't recall where I first heard the phrase "mantique" but I love it.  You must know the manly antiques it refers to: old telephones, beer signs, LIFE magazines, mysterious tools.  I love to go to antique stores, and inevitably Dillon spends his time in the "mantique" section.  His long-time favorite is old ads, maps, and plat books.

I made a costly mistake yesterday.  I had been to THE ONLY antique store in town and found a plat map, which I gave to Dillon for his birthday.  This is the plat map he's been searching years for: a map with the family farm on it.  Actually, it was a surprise to me yesterday because he found the other farm from his mom's side on it too!  Double score! 

I love that we have it now, it'll find it's home on our dining room wall.  But now, what will Dillon look for in the mantique section? 

p.s. we also celebrated with this summer berry pudding which was surprisingly easy and super refreshing on a hot day!

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