Monday, May 11, 2015

12 Months!

Twelve months--a full year you've been in our lives.  What a crazy thought. Some days it feels like you've been here for much longer, but then other days I feel like we are just getting used to you.  You are really truly walking now, and reaching all the things we thought we had put high enough out of reach!  There has been lots of redirecting away from things in the past few weeks.

You like to repeat what we say, and do a pretty impressive job pronouncing the first letters of everything.  "Pepper" and "poop" are your favorite words.  You can even find the page in one of your books that has different colored peppers- so sweet! 

You love the sandbox and being outside has become your favorite thing once again as you like to pick the pretty yellow "flowers" all over our yard!  You love to dance and have gotten some hand motions in the mix now too. 

This month you made me cry because you started folding your hands to pray all by yourself at meal times.  You continue to give out kisses and hugs and lots and lots of cuddles.  And then you made me cry because you are such a big boy all the sudden and I think I have to stop calling you my baby.  However, there were no tears shed for the loss of the dreaded "weekly photo shoot".

(I plan on compiling all the weekly photos into another post.  Don't worry, you'll get to see how much he has grown. )

Week 48

Week 49

Week 50

Week 51

One Year

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